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Pursuit of Freedom

Susanne M Reyto

July 2004 0-944581-20-X


A true story of the enduring power of hope and dreams. A memoir of surviving the Holocaust and growing up under Communist tyranny in Hungary. After a turbulent childhood finally leaving Hungary for freedom in the West.

First it was the brutal Nazis who trampled freedom into the mud and turned good lives and prosperity into nightmares and persecution. Then came the corrupt Communists with their take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-party-faithful-mentality, promoting more plunder. Despite the tyranny of the times, the beauty of this book is that it is not a victim's complaint. It is a look at a troubled past through the eyes of gratitude for the present.

Susanne's experiences are supported by rare government documents that substantiate what some had thought was only speculation. This book is  call to honor your dreams, and never give up hope. Often Susanne and her parents felt helpless but never hopeless. She brings a message of hope and healing.

Susanne stared at the formerly secret Communist documents covering the walls of the newly opened Museum, the House of Terror. Having lived through many historic events, now she understood how the experiences of her youth not only changed her life, but literally changed the world. During World War II and after the war under Communism, Hungary had been transformed from a country of culture and civility to unreasonable arrests, unjustified imprisonment and unfounded seizure of property.

However, this is no chronicle of horrors. It is a depiction of hope,  triumph and profound gratitude. It is a celebration of freedom that will inspire the reader to make his/her own dreams--whatever they are--a reality.


My mission is to raise awareness of both oppressions, Nazism and Communism, which occurred in my lifetime. There is considerably less information about Communism but very important to know what it represents.

While Soviet style Communism may be behind us, communism is very much alive in North Korea, China, Venezuela and Cuba, only 90 miles from Florida.



Susanne Reyto’s work is an extraordinary memoir of life under Communism. In a highly textured, beautifully descriptive style, she makes it possible for the reader to experience tragedy and human strength on many levels, both through the eyes of a five-year0old and her mother. – Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, author, speaker.


A remarkable account of life beginning with Nazism, flowed by the first decade of Communism in Hungary. Pursuit of Freedom is a moving personal drama, as well as an important historical memoir of this turbulent era. --  Congressman Tom Lantos, United States Congress